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What You See Here, is Where You Stand...

The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Look at this picture. Look the Rebbe in the eye: What do you see? ...

Do you see "one of those "stiff" Orthodox Rabbis"? ...or do you see a beautiful soul immensely able of giving lovingkindness?

Put it another way: Do you still think of G-D and His servants as "severe"? or contrarily as "accepting of everything"... ?

Put it a third way: Are you still angry at G-D (may be because you don't accept or conform with your luck and current position in this life)? Or do you feel already the need to return, to say "sorry, ...I truly love You!"

» Returning to G-d

Here's how...

...And He is only Good!

The Baal Shem Tov, founder of Chasidism, taught that even a leaf turning in the wind is directed by G-D's Will.

Everything that happens in this world is because G-D wants it to happen: so (because G-D is only and definitely good) ultimately everything that happens is good for us and the world; although we don't understand the reason why of half of what's going on.

The Midrash teaches that there were only 9 people in human history who were offered by G-D to go directly to Heaven without experiencing death...

The Baal Shem Tov, was the 10th to get the offer of going to Heaven without going through death. He decided to die. He decided to experience death, because everything that comes from G-D (even death!) must ultimately be good.

You see? G-D is only good.

It's your choice...

Below you'll find the door towards becoming a servant of the L-rd. Enter it.

"If you could either only do your will or only do G-D's Will, what would you chose? ..."

If you've chosen to do ONLY G-D's WILL, you have understood that He's always the true good - including for you. If you have choosen to do only your will... you're still somewhat "angry" at Him; don't hesitate to learn more at the links provided.

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