Noahide 7 Laws Noah
Torah for Gentiles

Here's my puzzling confession...

I'm not a Jew but my religion is Judaism.

How does that work?

There have been plenty of Judaist Gentiles (called Noahides) in history, including the great Job, who even got a chapter in the Bible.

Being a Noahide is easy. Instead of having to follow the 613 rules of the Torah for Jews, we Gentiles have only to follow the 7 Universal Laws of the Torah (the Hebrew Bible).

I'm endlessly happy to have built a close relationship with the G-d of Israel, and grateful that He let me "return". I pray that He keeps me on his side!

Are you ready to return too?

This site is being authored by a son of Noah like you.

Here's where I learned the 7 Laws. Contact them and they'll help...